Welcome to the Edinburgh College of Parapsychology

We are a non-denominational, charitable organisation, which prides itself on its welcoming and all-inclusive attitude.

The college aims are:

  • To provide a better understanding of life after death
  • To always be respectful to all thoughts and religious beliefs
  • To provide comfort during periods of sadness and loss
  • To promote a better understanding of spiritualism
  • To be at the forefront of training of up and coming mediums
  • To educate through our extensive spiritualist library, which is second to none in Scotland, housing over 2500 books
  • To promote discussion and debate

The college has an open door policy to people of all religions and we welcome with open arms anyone who wishes to come along and take part in any activities held within the college.

What we do

Paranormal investigations


Mrs Miller
The College, originally known as the Edinburgh Psychic College and Library, was founded by the late Mrs Ethel Miller in 1932, the constitution being incorporated in a deed dated 15th November, 1932, which established the Objects of the College.

These may be summarised as the study of the psychic or parapsychological phenomena and their implications and the development of psychic or parapsychological powers in its members.

Private sittings

Private sittings are available to members and non-members. These will be given by either visiting mediums who are servicing the college or by college mediums.

A private sitting is a more intimate and relaxed setting in which to receive evidence of survival in a more personal environment. All readings are treated with the upmost respect and can be recorded if so desired.

There is a fee for this service £30 for Members and £35 for Non members which contributes to the running of the college and a recording of the sitting will cost extra.

Please feel free to contact the college by phone or Email to arrange any of these services.


Healing is a very important aspect of mental phenomena as we can help a great many people. Healers do not claim to cure all ailments and illnesses, but they have many successes with the help of their spirit guides and helpers.

A healer is used as a channel for the healing energy from spirit to be directed to the patient. In most cases the patient will find great comfort and upliftment as well as an easing of their pain or condition.

All healings at the college are treated with confidentiality and are conducted or supervised by registered healers.

There is no charge for healing but any donations are greatly appreciated.

Healing available on Monday evenings from 7.30-8.30pm

Healing available on a Wednesday after the demonstration from 4-5pm.

Paranormal investigations

Have you ever felt that your are being haunted?

Strange events or unexplained noises.

Items moving independently.

Cold spots in the home.

Uneasy feelings for you or family members.

Lights flickering.

If so, the college can offer an investigation team, led by fully trained mediums, with the intention of putting your mind at ease, through a thorough investigation into events.

Often, the cause of these events can be explained through common issues such as faulty electronics or plumbing issues. However, on occasion the problem can be paranormal. In the case of this, the team can offer a service of looking into the spirit world and can help in the clearing of your home of paranormal entities; or at least give you an explanation of what is transpiring within your home.

We offer a discreet service and treat all enquiries with utmost respect and care. Even if you do not wish for our team to follow up on an investigation, please feel free to phone the college and discuss the problems with a medium, as this may offer some peace of mind.